Jonathan A Poritz
Primary Position & Teaching Information:
• I'm Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Physics and both Interim Director and Data Analyst in the Center for Teaching and Learning, all of that at Colorado State University – Pueblo, in Pueblo, Colorado, USA.
• In the Fall of 2018, I am scheduled to teach Math 345: Algorithms and Data Structures, about which class more information can be found here.
• Web pages for many past courses I have taught are here.
Contact info.
Some Personal Information:
• If you need to recognize me in person, see one image, or another, or another.
• E-mail: (That is my primary, preferred e-mail address. You can also try,, or if you like)
An old public key of mine (fingerprint 7C8B ADBA FE03 3C31 4E52 071D 8488 65F3 7638 565E) was compromised: please no longer use it. I do speak crypto, so if you want to send me encrypted mail, I can set it up.
Here is an up-to-date CV.
Here are some prior affiliations.
Some Scientific Information:
Here is material I'm putting out in the world: articles, books, patents, talks, etc.
E.g., there's a fairly new book! Click the cover for more info E.g., there's a fairly new book! Click the cover for more info:
Click here for some interactive mathematics: an applet to visualize the geometry of fundamental domains for the action of cyclic subgroups of $PSL(2,\CC)$ on $\partial H^3_\RR$. Some fundamental domains in the interior of $H^3_\RR$ for this action are in a gallery.

An explanation of the background is available for the incurably curious; other pictures on this page are fully explained in my papers -- read them or weep!

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