Some Certificates and "Badges"

Sometimes educational programs, professional development activities, or other trainings, are wrapped up with a little bow or plaque or certificate. I'm thinking here of things like my high school diploma or the weird thing I got to commemorate my Ph.D. (seriously, UofC, it looks like it's printed on thick plastic, what's up with that?).

Recently, also, some organizations issue digital badges — whose display and verification protocols probably are in a state of evolution at the moment (after all, don't things like this all belong on the blockchain?) (that was sarcasm, friends: I've written quite a bit about absurd misapplications of blockchains, including for credentials; see my site if you dare!).

Here are some of the certificates and digital badges I've received recently:

  1. Individual Member of Open Education Global

    Individual Member of Open Education Global
    This was quite easy to "earn," but it's fun to be global....
  2. Open Textbook Library

    As part of the celebration of the tenth anniversay of the Open Textbook Library [OTL] in April of 2022, the Open Education Network made some badges [although these are just images, they don't have any cryptographic metadata!] for folks who have participated in the OTL in various ways. These are the ones I'm eligible — and proud — to display:
    Open Textbook Library Author Badge Open Textbook Library Reviewer Badge Open Textbook Library Advocate Badge
    [because: two books I wrote are in the OTL; I reviewed at least one book in the OTL; and I have been a long-term advocate of OER in general and the OEN and OTL in particular]
    I think I could probably lay claim to these OTL badges as well:
    Open Textbook Library Publisher Badge Open Textbook Library Celebrate Badge
    [because: I did all the publisher-type work for my two books in the OTL, as well as for other books in the OTL by authors I know in Colorado; and I was on the OTL tenth anniversary celebration committee]
  3. International Copyright Law 2021

    International Copyright Law 2021 Summer Course Certificate
    for completion of a summer course from the Instituut voor Informatierecht [Institute for Information Law] at the University van Amsterdam [University of Amsterdam].
  4. Certified Creative Commons Certificate Facilitator

    Creative Commons Certified Facilitator

    To verify the badge, you can use a verifier like either with

    Note that the identity associated with this badge is specified as my email address .

  5. WCET Outstanding Work Award

    WOW Award 2019 Badge
    [Not a formal badge but gotta love the acronym...]
    The Colorado OER Council was in 2019 (the year I was chair) awarded the WCET Outstanding Work (WOW) Award. Details are on the page WCET Announces the 2019 WCET Outstanding Work Award Winners.
  6. Creative Commons Certificatate of Mastery of Open Licensing

    Creative Commons Certificate of Mastery of Open Licensing Badge

    To verify the badge, you can use a verifier like either with

    Note that the identity associated with this badge is specified as my email address .